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      1. Chat support suite

        Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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        Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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        Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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        Plugins & Integrations
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        Get Up & Running, Securely

        Fully integrated customer service suite meeting all of your customer's needs.
        Quick and easy installation, no setup fees, no contracts.
        Hosted with 99.99% uptime and financial grade AES-256 bit encryption.
        HIPAA and PCI compliant.
        #1 rated 7 years running as best live chat and SMS help desk platform
        #84 Inc 500 fastest growing company

        Looking for a way to improve your call center efficiency? Check out Live Help Bot

        Help Desk Software Products & Features

        • All
        • SMS / Live Chat
        • Support Ticket
        • FAQ / Self Service
        • Call Management
        • Viitor monitoring and engagement

          Get to Know Your Customers

          Do you know who your website visitors are? Or are they all just numbers to you?
          - Realtime Visitor Monitoring
          - Intelligent proactive engagement
          - Create and Manage Customer Lists
          - Gain Social Insights
          - Order and other activity history

        • Increase Sales

          Increase Sales with Realtime Tips!

          Every sale starts out as that crucial moment when your product’s price matched it’s benefit for your customer.
          - Generate a List of Hot Leads
          - "Billboards" ads within chat
          - Intelligent visitor triggers
          - Automatic tagging
          - Order capture

        • Integrations

          Set Up & Get Integrated in Minutes

          No setup costs and no contracts! Add live chat to any website in no time, forward email to capture support tickets. LiveHelpNow plugs into all content management systems and integrates with your CRM.
          - Plugins for all CMS or simply install our code
          - Integrates natively with SalesForce and HubSpot or use API
          - Integrations with Join.me and Zoom for remote assistance
          - Customer Support System providing real time Webhooks and REST API updates
          - Enteprise integration support

        • Reporting

          Get Honest Feedback and Analytics

          The facts don’t lie. Right now there is a wealth of information on your site holding vital clues to your perfect sales formula.
          - Wealth of Reporting and Analytics
          - Customizable pre and post inquiry surveys
          - Your data! Export anytime!
          - Real-time agent scorecards
          - Customizable dashboards
          - Truly Customer Centric Customer Service System

        • Cuseomizable

          Customize Your Environment

          Customer Service Software that allows you to reate your own rules. Choose how your website visitors are managed, which messages your agents send, and what countries you'd like to support.
          - Create Your Own Business Rules
          - Support Multiple Brands at No Extra Cost
          - Unlimited Canned Messages
          - Instant Language Translation
          - Advanced Customization Support
          - Designed for Call Centers to be able to easily support multiple brands

        • Agent Management

          Manage and Train your Employees

          Stand over your employee’s shoulders without having to breathe down their necks.
          - Realtime Agent Monitoring and scoring!
          - Patented Whisper Technology
          - Set Operator Permissions and Restrictions
          - Skill routing and round robin assignment
          - Enterprise roll out know-how

        • Impactful

          Enhance the Impact of What You Know

          Do your customers sometimes need extra information to answer their questions? Make use of the information you already have on hand through your chat window and/or email reply.
          - Transfer Files in live chat or support ticket
          - Tag inquiries manually or automatically
          - Chat Transcripts for Customers, Chat History for Agents

        • Mobile

          Take LiveHelpNow on the go!

          Use Mobile App to take chats and support tickets with you as you go. Keep an eye on your site from anywhere.
          - Chat and respond to support tickets on the Go with Mobile Apps
          - Transfer Chats and support tickets Between Operators and Departments
          - Offline workflows and automations

        • Is your customer service team overwhelmed and you are considering outsourcing your help desk service?
          LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad Call Center to offer 24/7 US Based live chat sales and support teams for your business
        • Transform email communication

          Transform Your Communication

          Don’t rely on email alone to begin the issue resolution process. Give your customers a web form that speaks to their needs, and gain social insights.
          - Customizable support ticket forms
          - Pull Twitter mentions into tickets
          - Collect private information such as credit cards via email securely!

        • Eliminate clutter

          Eliminate Email Clutter

          Help Desk Software that organizes customer emails in a concise dashboard that can be easily accessed by all of your customer service agents. Overcome the pitfalls of email.
          - A Unified Company Inbox and intelligent routing
          - Restrict agent access to only applicable inquiries
          - Filter and search, gain insight into interaction history

        • Email Workflows

          A Workflow that Works with You

          Don’t work harder, work smarter. Provide short-cuts for agents and updates for customers.
          - Canned responses and Knolwedge base integration right within email!
          - Drafts, Re-use file attachments, multi-tasking, everything that traditional email is lacking
          - Instant ticket updates to both agent and customer
          - Intelligent triggers & automations
          - SLAs and CSATs all natively included
          - Self-service portal, give customer power to help themselves

        • Analyze Email Archives

          Analyze Ticket Archives

          See the big picture by viewing all of your past and present customer inquiries at any time.
          - Top-Down Administrative Control - see master list of all tickets in one place
          - Monitor agent performance in real-time. Finally know how long it takes for your agents to reply to an email!
          - Your data! Export anytime

        • FAQ Self-Service

          Easily Publish and Update FAQs

          Help your customers help themselves by adding a support center to your site.
          - Low Maintenance, No Assembly Required, Completely customizable portal
          - Make Knowledge Accessible to both agents and customers or agents only
          - Universal Question & Answer Template - add articles in minutes

        • Employee knowledge transfer

          Train Employees & Retain Knowledge

          Give your employees vital product knowledge, accelerate agent training and distribute best practices.
          - Private Articles for Internal Use
          - Include Training Documentation and troubleshooters
          - Collect Best Practices
          - Fear knowledge leaving with an employee no more!

        • Eliminate repeat inquiries

          Deflect Support Calls

          A Knowledge Base streamlines sales and support leaving customers satisfied, whether or not they contact you directly.
          - Eliminate Repeat Inquiries
          - Streamline the Support Process, ask customers to search FAQ before chatting, emailing or calling you
          - Increase Customer Satisfaction, customers who get answers instantly are always happier

        • SEO

          Optimized for Search & Get Found

          Help current customers find the answers they seek instantly. Inform search engines that your company is on the map and draw prospective customers to your site.
          - Publish Dynamic, Searchable FAQs
          - Leverage Customer Ratings & Feedback
          - Expand Knowledge and Get Results.
          Not only does having a knowledge base full of product information educate customers, it also informs internet search engines that your company is on the map. When search engines find your articles, they create inroads straight to your website. Invite customers that search for the products you sell every time you publish an article.

        • Callback forms

          Availability for all Customers

          Even if you don’t have round the clock support, give your customers an opportunity to reach out and let you know they have questions.
          - 24/7 Contact via callback request
          - Customizable "request callback" form

        • Call tracking

          Track Your Calls

          When customers need to contact you directly, keep track of those interactions and save them for later review.
          - Record calllogs and capture voicemail
          - Easily filter through conversations

        • No missed calls

          No Missed Inquiries

          No matter when customers visit your site, call management organizes your callbacks into a queue for easy follow-up.
          - Capture Call Back Requests
          - Assign an agent to a call back request
          - Get Notified Instantly

        • constantcontact

          Virtual Voicemail

          Call management serves as a full service voicemail for your business.
          - Digital Answering Machine
          - Review Calls, Chats, or Tickets for each customer

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          Chat / SMS Support Ticket FAQ / Self Service Call Management
          $21 / agent / month $21 / agent / month $21 / agent / month $9 / agent / month
        Realtime Visitor Monitoring ?      
        Customer Lists ?    
        Social Integration ?    
        Custom Information Feed ?      
        Advertising Billboards ?      
        SMS Chat ?      
        Facebook & Twitter Integrations?    
        Intelligent Triggers & Automations?    
        Plugins & Integrations ?
        Fully customizable with CSS ?
        CRM Integrations ?    
        Remote Assistance ?      
        Eventing API / Webhooks?      
        Enterprise Reporting & Analytics ?
        Customizable Surveys ?    
        Multibrand Support ?
        Intelligent Canned Messages ?    
        Automatic Language Translation ?      
        Chat Whisper ?      
        Inquiry Transfer ?    
        Spell Check ?    
        File Transfer / Attachments ?
        PCI / HIPAA, Financial grade security ?  
        Conversion Tracking?    
        Secure Forms ?  
        Automatic Inquiry Tagging ?
        Customizable Email Form ?      
        Chat-to-Ticket ?      
        Agent permissions and restrictions ?  
        Filter & Search ?
        Support Ticket Status updates ?      
        Exportable Inquiries ?    
        Self-service FAQ Articles ?      
        Fully Customizable FAQ Site ?      
        Call logs ?      
        Capture Callback Requests ?      
        Beautifully integrated Chat, Ticket and Knowledge base ?
        Call center ready ?
        Video chat ?
        Visitor banning ?
        US Based phone, chat & email support ?
        Enterprise - additional $15 / agent / month Chat / SMS Support Ticket FAQ / Self Service Call Management
        3 year storage ?
        Unlimited multibrand support ?
        Unlimited Visitor & and Ticket Triggers ?
        Dedicated 24 / 7 software engineer support ?
        IP Restricted Account Access ?
        Product Training & Private Training Webinars ?
        Up to 50 text-enabled landline numbers ?
        Request custom features with guaranteed timely delivery ?
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